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I’m Josh. My team and I want to help you increase your support base in 2019.

  1. We’ll work closely with you to define a strategic plan describing the improvements you want to see. This plan will lay out the marketing content, team, timelines, and budget you’ll need for 2019.

  2. With that critical plan in place, we’ll begin to build the viable system. This system will enable your ministry to find and attract new readers, turn those readers into supporters, those supporters into donors, and finally, those donors into ministry champions.

  3. Lastly, we’ll create the content necessary to repurpose your pre-existing material (books, sermon series, courses, conference audio/video) into engaging, shareable online content.

A thorough, well-conceived strategy is critical for successful action in the upcoming year.

With a great strategic plan in place, you will know exactly:

  • how to reach your goals.

  • how Facebook can help and hurt your ministry.

  • what your website should be producing for you.

  • where and when to spend money on advertising.

  • where to find new email subscribers.

  • which sort of content resonates the most with your readers.

  • how to grow your donor base without coming across as greedy.

  • how to cultivate donors who go above and beyond for your ministry.

Ultimately, a successful strategy plan means you’re freed up to spend your time spreading your message and creating change.

would you like to talk through your goals for your online presence in 2019?

I'd love to chat with you about what a successful marketing strategy for your ministry looks like. My goal for our conversation is to help you rough out your 2019 marketing strategy.

If you choose to hire us to clarify and execute that plan - awesome!

If not - no worries. We’re glad to help in any way that makes sense. a plan for reaching your 2019 ministry goals.

Fill out the form below, and I’ll follow up with you within one business day to set up our complimentary consultation.

Thanks, and I’m excited to hear from you!

- Josh

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What clients are saying:

Frank Friedmann, speaker, pastor, author

Frank Friedmann, speaker, pastor, author


“Josh has great literary sense and is skilled with technology and marketing. If you are considering publishing your own book, I urge you to investigate Josh and I commend him to you with all my heart. I wish you the best in your publishing endeavour.”

Russell Gammon, author, speaker

Russell Gammon, author, speaker


I heartily recommend Josh as someone who will challenge his clients, and help them grow their business. He has assembled a talented team who share his imagination, fresh thinking, and client-first mentality. I am impressed by his depth of insights and fast-working mind before working with him. Now that I’ve hired him, my appreciation for what he brings to the table has grown tenfold.

Jim Gordon, author, speaker, pastor

Jim Gordon, author, speaker, pastor


“Publishing was a dream come true. Josh’s facilitation and effective software tools made the process move forward successfully. He helped us feel comfortable to know the project was moving on as it should: all at the projected costs and schedules. His writing skills, literacy sense, and expertise in coordinating multiple parts of the project make him a natural publisher.”

Ross Gilbert, executive director, speaker, author

Ross Gilbert, executive director, speaker, author


“Josh is a great person to work with. He excels at asking the right questions to help draw out the right information that is to be shared. And his understanding of what makes good writing makes the final product so much better. I highly recommend Josh for your next project.”