What we want for you:

We want to create time and space so you can thrive in your strengths.
We want to strengthen, challenge, and protect your success.
We want to be the reason you break through whatever ceiling you've hit.
We want to propel you further and higher than you thought possible.

We want to be the best sidekick you could ask for.

Lazarus' Core Services

Book Development and

A great book can have a huge impact on a business or ministry. But, publishing is a notoriously difficult challenge. The Lazarus team is skilled in developing an idea or manuscript into a product that has impact - not only in the lives of its readers, but also in our clients' ministries, businesses, and organizations.

Online Platform Development

An engaging online platform is critical for success. Operating an online platform, though, is difficult and time-consuming. Our clients depend on us to grow their following into a thriving community. With our client's input, we've developed a robust system for producing high-quality content  from raw audio and video.

Fundraising + Promotions

We are beta-testing a new approach to fundraising and promotions at temporarily discounted rates.

We are currently beta-testing a new approach to fundraising and promotions. With these services, we expect to bring substantial growth to our clients' businesses and ministries.