Mary DeMuth
author, speaker

Things are always tight, so money is a factor that was definitely playing into my thought process as I considered hiring Josh and his team. As we worked together, though, I quickly realized I’d made a great decision.

Josh brought probably the best innovation in marketing I've seen since I've been an author. I love how Josh thinks way outside the box and delivers strategies that actually work.

I felt understood. And as we moved forward, I enjoyed the collaborative nature of our interaction. Other benefits I found were the clear expectations communicated, the creative ideas, and great relationship that developed between us.

Folks should hire Josh if they want a fresh approach to promotion.

Ashley Logsdon
writer, consultant

Josh helped me market with purpose. He was excellent at helping me see the big picture and laying out a game-plan with intention, as opposed to shooting in the dark with a fun idea. His innovative, creative approach to spreading ideas were the foundation for a well-organized, effective campaign!

Kevin Gainey,

“The first time you talk to Josh it’s like continuing a previously interrupted conversation with an old friend. Except you just met the guy. Because what you see and hear is what you get, there’s an immediate impact from his energy and advice. There’s no outside of the box thinking because there is just flat out no box. Just thoughts and insights you wish you’d come up with yourself, but still appreciate being told.”

Nina Nelson, writer, coach

As a start-up, my knee-jerk reaction is always, “I can’t afford that.” But I believe that investing in yourself is crucial to success, so I “found” the money to work with Josh – and it was awesome!

He gave me incredible ideas that I never would have thought of. He also helped me narrow down my focus so that I could really hone in on money- making ideas that were already in line with my passion.

Josh is very easy to talk to. I immediately felt comfortable chatting with him, which made brainstorming fun and easy. He showed me how to “borrow” credibility while I build out my own. His insights on teaming up with local businesses to bring my clients more value changed my approach to my work.

Anyone can benefit from working with Josh. His ability to look at your situation and come up with ten new exciting ideas to propel your business forward is priceless!”

Derek Olsen,
author, consultant

As I was considering engaging Josh and his team, I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Would the time and money I spent be worth it? It was. I’m so glad we worked together. He and his team brought CLARITY to my vision.

I know first hand how easy it is to get lost in the day-to-day details of running a business. Having an expert look at your business from the outside and from the inside will help put you on the right track. I loved the way Joshua and his team took my concerns seriously and personally.

I felt that Joshua really did want me to be successful. He understood what I was going through and what I was trying to accomplish. With Josh’s help, I was able to create a plan of action and move forward quickly. I felt like I was stuck and Joshua came around and un-stuck me. I learned simple, powerful ways to increase my business that worked.

“If you’re considering working with Josh and his team, it is money and time well spent. Investing in the growth of your business this way is smart move that worked well for me.